Make sex last longer in three important ways

The fact that a man spends more time having sex is considered the main quality of masculinity. Any man develops various methods of sexual relations with age. It is worth mentioning here that men under the age of 25 usually do not last long. However, they can be re-excited/heated at very short intervals. After 25, men take longer to mate. But as age advances, the awakening (erection) interval also increases.
Also, if you have sex with a woman or a man over and over again, you can spend more time having sex and get more satisfaction from sex. Because, in regular sexual relations, one is well informed about the other’s body and their tastes/feelings, preferred positions, methods of giving and receiving pleasure, etc.

Method 1: – Squeeze

This method was invented by Master and Johnson. The compression method is actually what the name suggests how to do. When a man feels that his semen is about to ejaculate, he or his partner will squeeze for a few seconds the vein/urethra that exits the penis near the base of the penis near the testicles. (Grasp from the side of the penis with two fingers like a paper clip.) After releasing the pressure, take a 30 to 45 second break. Avoid intercourse or any other sexual activity during this time.

As a result of this procedure, the man may lose the firmness of the penis for a time. But by restarting the activity after 45 seconds, the penis will regain its previous firmness.

You can do the squeezing method as many times as you want in one go. Remember that the effectiveness of all methods depends on practice. Therefore, it would be foolish to think about getting results the first time.

Method 2: – Tensioned

Before discussing this method, it is necessary to know the basic concept of a spasm in the area from the bottom of the scrotum to the anus that requires repeated abdominal pressure during urination for complete evacuation. The compression or tension method described here is very similar. The difference, however, is that convulsions, not pressure, should be applied here.

Here’s the main description: During intercourse, when you think the sperm are almost on their way to the ground, stop all your sexual activities and squeeze the area from the base of the testicles to the anus for a few seconds very hard. then let it go. He convulses again for a few seconds. After doing this 2/1 times, when you see that the pressure/feeling at the semen site has disappeared, resume your sexual activity.
The contraction method will prolong your sexual relations. However, the effectiveness of all methods depends on practice. Therefore, it would be foolish to think about getting results the first time.

Method 3:- Pause (Cause/Pause and Play)

This method is widely used. Generally, all couples use this method. In this method, when intercourse reaches the position of ejaculation, the penis is removed or, if it is inside, the activity is paused. This time you can distract yourself. That is, take your mind away from the feeling of happiness. You can start again when you feel that the semen pressure has decreased.

The success of the rest method depends entirely on your habits. Although this method is not successful at first, those who are sexually active regularly know the advantages of this method. Remember that the effectiveness of all methods depends on practice. So don’t worry about getting results the first time.
All the above methods are for the satisfaction of your partner. Many people think that women will question their masculinity if they guess or know these tricks. The idea is completely wrong. You explain the procedures to your wife. See, that helps you. Because he knows that if you take more time, he benefits.

Updated: December 5, 2023 — 3:50 am

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